Where our ideas arise

Was born with the aim of building motorboats for people with lower limb motor disabilities.

Sabaudia has become the place where the most courageous and innovative ideas are born internationally and where the nautical has opened all the sea ways to the handicap world. Big and small sailing and motorboats are opening up to the disabled a new and fantastic world and they have their seat in Sabaudia, a city that will soon be synonymous with creative and entrepreneurial dynamism all over the world I sailed in grass, yes, just everyone, no one excluded!

Constructive Philosophy

EasyBoat 2 was born from the refinement of a first prototype that was optimized to provide wheelchair users with the chance to go out on the sea for a trip to fish, to bring friends on the waves.

Who produced it was the first (in 1998) to launch a perfectly accessible sailboat over covered and undercover as well as governable autonomously.

Subsequently, other sailboats were produced, but the strong part was still missing: a motorized boat! EasyBoat 2 motorization and measurement are such that it does not require the possession of a nautical license, even though it is a boat that can face the sea with the utmost security, without noting that the sea front is equally disabled.

The boat is equipped with a range of tools and accessories that guarantee, in absolute and absolute safety, boarding, boarding, sailing, bathing, mooring and mooring without the need for auxiliary human supports. The patented gangway allows you to embark in an autonomous and safe way by guaranteeing access to the dashboard also designed for easy handling of the controls.