Finally a boat for everyone

The boat is built according to the specific needs of the customer and can be equipped on request.

Adjustable passage

of 1.50 meters for easy access. The width is cm. 90;
Is electrically operated and adjusted in height by the pier with a minimum hand-operated operation.

Electric swing

that allows "to be deposited" directly in the water from the wheelchair and, of course, to do the opposite operation, ie from the sea to the chair, through a tidal remote control. All this in full autonomy.


to every area of the boat, especially to handle commands gathered on a central dashboard, ie engine levers, rudder with auxiliary knob, electric anchor bolts and bilge pumps. Fuel supply can be conveniently done by opening a stopper located on the stern trike.

The lifting and transfer

The lifting and transfer swing in the water is provided with a safety steel slider.


  • Length: 6mt ft
  • Width: 2.5mt
  • Weight: 700kg
  • 2 4-stroke engines: Selva Piraña
  • Free of nautical license


Available Optional

When purchasing, the buyer will be able to choose which options he wishes to have on his new boat. These amenities require a separate quote, especially with regard to the awning, since the boat's special superstructure requires customized machining depending on the buyer's request (partial-total coverage)

Boat Awing


Side Pants

Shower with sea water

Chemical WC

Fishing canvas door



Current pressure