The tendency of recent decades in the creation of structures of all kinds with the condition of lowering architectural barriers has led to more and more sectors looking with interest in everything they can hold a high degree of usability by allowing access to the use of Structures and things, until today impropable if not to normodotate people.

Today, hotel and reception facilities in general, are increasingly focusing on those solutions and equipment that can attract a range of customers that normally can not fully use the same facilities.

Providing a service as a vessel that can be used in full autonomy even by non-standard people is definitely an element of distinction and promotion of the facility itself in an extension of the range of services without the expense of being the vessel Manageable in full autonomy.

In this key we are pleased to present you a type of boat that allows anyone who needs access to the sea in a boat, in full freedom and autonomy, and achieves no performance ever achieved.